The Alien vs. Predator Museum Masterline Series Statue 1/3 Scar Predator Deluxe Version 93 cm ( Prime 1 Studio )

The Alien vs. Predator Museum Masterline Series Statue 1/3 Scar Predator Deluxe Version 93 cm ( Prime 1 Studio )

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Sommario di The Alien vs. Predator Museum Masterline Series Statue 1/3 Scar Predator Deluxe Version 93 cm ( Prime 1 Studio )

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend…” – Alexa Woods, to Scar It has been almost twenty years since Alien vs. Predator, also known as AVP, was released and blessed both Aliens and Predators franchise fans, pitting the creatures against each other in an action-packed, sci-fi horror film. Prime 1 Studio is excited to present our next entry to the Predators grand family, joining the Museum Masterline Series, the 1/3 Scale MMPR-04DX Scar Predator Deluxe Version from the 2004 film Alien vs. Predator! In this incredible crossover blockbuster, Scar and his brothers Celtic and Chopper were all sent to Earth to undertake an initiation Hunt in an ancient pyramid buried beneath Antarctica. The pyramid served as a hunting ground, where Predators used Aliens as prey in order to graduate from Young Blood Yautjas to Blooded Yautja, thus being considered an adult and a full member of its Clan. Let us look closer at Scar, the youngest of the three Predator brothers. Once again, the incredible artisans at Prime 1 Studio brought their A-game to bring this imposing and fearsome extraterrestrial hunter to life. At a whopping 36 inches tall, Scar is fully armored and equipped with an arsenal of advanced technology and brutal instruments of death. As usual, the immense dedication and attention to detail from our artisans and sculptors that went into crafting this remarkable Predator statue ensures the utmost level of accuracy. From each single strand of dreadlock to the tiny Xenomorph skulls and the shading of the skin and armor. You will definitely see and feel our commitment to perfection with this piece! The iconic Bio-Mask features a distinctive mark on the forehead, referring to his name “Scar”. The Plasmacaster is ready to unleash its devastating energy blasts on any prey that’s unlucky enough to be targeted by the helmet’s targeting lasers, both of which are LED illuminated a bright blue and red, respectively. He holds in his right hand the Combistick, a spear-like weapon that serves to impale victims from a distance. In contrast, the gauntlet-integrated Wristblade, in its retracted state, is designed for close-quarters combat, allowing him to slice through flesh and bone with brutal efficiency. His left hand is equipped with a massive Shuriken, absolutely lethal when thrown. The Wrist Gauntlet is also equipped with LED illuminating functions. The base features ancient Yautja-constructed ruins as well as the corpse of a Facehugger that has been freshly slain. We have also included a second head, without the Bio-Mask to display Scar’s true face, and a head base for display. A silver “AVP” logo plate is also included for display at the statue’s base. The Deluxe Version will allow you to mix and match a series of additional hand parts to find the perfect display to your liking. Two additional right-hand parts are included, one closed fist and one open palm. Two additional Wristblade lengths for the right gauntlet allow you to either fully or partially extend the deadly blades. The left hand comes with two additional open palm variations and an additional third head part featuring Scar’s visage as he roars. A second headstand and logo plates are included for you to display. Pre-order this massive and fearsome 1/3 Scale MMPR-04DX Scar Predator Deluxe Version now and expand your collection while quantities last! And stay on the lookout for his two brothers, Celtic and Chopper in the very near future. Product Specifications: – Statue Size approximately 36 inches tall [H:93cm W:85cm D:91cm] – Statue Size approximately 36 inches tall [H:93cm W:85cm D:76cm] (Extended Wristblade) – Yautja-constructed pyramid themed-base – Three (3) Swappable head parts (Bio-Mask, Unmasked Classic Portrait, Unmasked Roaring Portrait) – Three (3) Swappable right-hand parts (Combistick, clenched fist, open palm) – Three (3) Swappable left-hand parts (Shuriken, clawing palm, open palm) – Three (3) Wristblades (Retracted, Partially Extended and Fully Extended) – Two (2) Movable Headstand – Two (2) Title Plaques – LED illumination on Helmet-mounted Targeting Laser, Wrist Control Panel & Shoulder-mounted Plasmacaster Please note: Due to the size of this item, additional shipping costs may apply. Apart from your location, the actual package size and weight is needed to determine those costs. Both are unknown at this point and may not be available until the product arrives in our warehouse.

Statue Alien vs. Predator

The Alien vs. Predator Museum Masterline Series Statue 1/3 Scar Predator Deluxe Version 93 cm ( Prime 1 Studio ) : quando esce

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