Pokémon Diecast Replica Poké Ball ( Wand Company )

In prenotazione, uscita intorno a ETA: INIZIO 12/2021

Pokémon Diecast Replica Poké Ball ( Wand Company )

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In prenotazione, uscita intorno a ETA: INIZIO 12/2021

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Replice: 1/1 Pok‚mon

Pok‚mon Diecast Replica Pok‚ Ball ( Wand Company ) : quando esce

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Barcode: 5060178520491

Sommario di Pok‚mon Diecast Replica Pok‚ Ball ( Wand Company )

This premium quality, highly accurate Pok‚ Ball replica, made with an engineered metal shell, has a deeply colored surface that is sensitive to touch and proximity. With its brightly illuminated button and lift-to-display illuminated presentation case, this Pok‚ Ball promises to be a beautiful addition to any Pok‚mon collection. The Wand Company’s Die-Cast Pok‚ Ball Replica is the first officially-licensed premium collectible replica for Pok‚mon fans. Equipped with proximity-sensing technology, the Pok‚ Ball’s button glows when it senses motion; pressing the button changes the light color or starts a Pok‚mon-catching illumination sequence. Ideal for collectors, the replica comes with a presentation case – authenticated by a uniquely-numbered hologram – and a polished stainless steel ring so that you can display your Pok‚ Ball however you want. Enjoy multi-colored lights glowing under the Pok‚ Ball when you open the case; control them by touching the case’s metal plaque. Product Features: – Highly accurate, electronic, display-grade replica with a finely detailed metal shell and a premium painted finish – Beautifully brought to life with proximity sensing – Brightly glowing, multicolor button – Opening presentation case lifts Pok‚ Ball for display – Uniquely-numbered collectible – Officially licensed by The Pok‚mon Company International What’s in the box: – Die-Cast Pok‚ Ball Replica – Presentation case – Highly polished stainless steel display ring – Illustrated manual – Batteries included Diameter of Pok‚ Ball: approx. 8 cm Size of presentation case: approx. 9 x 10 x 10 cm

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