Disney Toy Story Nendoroid PVC Figure Woody DX Version 10 cm ( Good Smile Company )

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“Hey, Buzz! You’re flying!”

From the hit movie series “Toy Story” comes a Nendoroid of the cowboy doll that
lives in Andy’s bedroom, Woody! The Nendoroid is fully articulated and even features
articulated eye parts allowing you to change the direction he is looking.


Nendoroid Woody has been sculpted taller than the average Nendoroid in order to
properly depict the height difference between him and Nendoroid Buzz Lightyear scheduled
for release at the same time.


Additionally, the DX version includes special crossed arm parts, 2 additional face
plates and 2 additional sets of eye parts, allowing you to recreate all kinds of
expressions from the movies just by mixing and matching! Be sure to add him to your

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