Alice Gear Aegis Plastic Model Kit Sugumi Kanagata Ga-Shin 18 cm ( Kotobukiya )

Alice Gear Aegis Plastic Model Kit Sugumi Kanagata Ga-Shin 18 cm ( Kotobukiya )

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Model kit Alice Gear Aegis

Alice Gear Aegis Plastic Model Kit Sugumi Kanagata Ga-Shin 18 cm ( Kotobukiya ) : quando esce

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Barcode: 4934054041909

Sommario di Alice Gear Aegis Plastic Model Kit Sugumi Kanagata Ga-Shin 18 cm ( Kotobukiya )

The latest model to join Kotobukiya’s original Megami Device series is the Another Version of Sugumi Kanagata, Sugumi Kanagata [Ga-Shin], from the popular mobile game, Alice Gear Aegis! As an added bonus, the kit comes with a present code to receive an item in the game. Sugumi’s character design was made by Pyramid, and the gear parts design used in this model kit were made by Kanetake Ebikawa! The base body has been renewed for Sugumi Kanagata [Ga-Shin]. Also, the complex color scheme of the in-game design is recreated through the detailed division of parts which makes this model easy to assemble without painting. This model comes with a rifle, a one-handed sword, various gears, and even an SP weapon for added protection! As part of the Megami Device series, the model consists of the base “machinika” body designed by Masaki Apsy and a variety of unique armor and weapons. With the base body, the distinctive ?4 costume has thus been perfectly recreated for this model. Model Specifications: ·The kit will include a present code for use in the game. ·The kit includes three different pre-printed face parts. ·The side skirts on the new costume are adjustable, making it easier to pose the model. ·The large new SP that is included can be transformed and rearranged into three different forms for users to enjoy. ·The transformation of the Tops Gear is fully recreated. In addition to the signature gear, a rifle, a one-handed sword, and SP weapon parts are included, allowing users to recreate a variety of combat scenes. ·The model can be constructed with her signature gear in “Armed Mode,” or without armor and weapons in “Unarmed Mode.” ·Using the 3mm connection points on each part and the compatibility of the head, this model can be customized with existing M.S.G, Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl, Hexa Gear, Sousai Shojo Teien, and Arcanadea series parts. ·The kit includes a variety of decals for the eyes and other markings. Please note: Due to the small edition size and the great demand for this item, allocations are possible.

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