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Le Hobbit un inattendu statue trajet 34 Bord du lac 9 cm ( Weta Collectibles )

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Sommario di The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Statue 34 Bord du lac 9 cm ( Weta Collectibles )

Scattered among the grassy hills of Hobbiton like a purse full of lost coins, the bright round doors of many dozen Hobbit-holes shine in bright, summery hues, each home to a Hobbit or family of the little people.

Winding along the Water’s edge the Lakeside path was home to fishermen, net décideurs et d'autres hobbits qui vivent sur les rives du lac de Hobbitebourg. Where the snaking road cut back inland and began to climb the Hill was nestled the only dwelling in the village without an iconic round front door. Number 34’s arched doorway was painted a rusty red, with views back towards the end of Bagshot Row and the swampy fens.

Each an individual dwelling, the Hobbit holes lend themselves splendidly to creative placement in your cabinet. With a flat back and shallow depth of only 55 mm, they can be placed on mantles, cornices, shelves and in windows.

This gorgeous little environment is an exacting miniature replica of the movie set that can be visited at Hobbiton in Matamata, New Zealand. It was created by the same artists and craftspeople who worked on the movie.

Dimensions: 9,2 X 7 X 5 cm

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