The Aristocats Master Craft Statue Marie 33 cm ( Bête Kingdom Jouets )

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The Aristocats Master Craft Statue Marie 33 cm ( Bête Kingdom Jouets ) : quand il sort

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Sommario di The Aristocats Master Craft Statue Marie 33 cm ( Bête Kingdom Jouets )

Within the pantheons of magical Disney animated movies, Aristocats was the first to ever feature felines as the main stars! Bringing together an ensemble of fun, furry friends, the star of the show ‘Marie’is a memorable character that to this day is an inspiration to young girls the world over!

Beast Uni, The ‘Entertainment Experience Brandis proud to introduce the latest in the high-end Master Craft Series: Marie from Disney’s Aristocats. Set in 1910 Paris, the 20th animated classic from Disney follows a group of aristocratic Parisian cats searching for their lost family fortune! Marie, a white-furred kitten, is the middle and only female kitten of the Duchess! Mimicking the elegance and high stature of her mother, Marie is often viewed as spoiled, especially by the Alley Cat. Thomas O’Malley, who is helping the family on their quest. Yet in reality, deep-down Marie is a romantic daydreamer full of love and warmth in her heart, attributes all found in the design of the Master Craft Marie.

The Master Craft series fully embodies the art of precision, hand-crafted and painted masterpieces from the Beast Kingdom team! Each statue is individually sculpted by a crew of seasoned artists with no details spared. The Master Craft Marie includes the adorable star sitting on her very own pillow, which doubles as the statue’s stand.

For all fans of Disney’s feline heroes, this is one statue that is not to be missed!

Taille du produit: 24 X 24 X 33 cm

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