Hello, and welcome to our page dedicated to International Customer!

We are an italian Shop selling “pop goods”. We are official Good Smile Company Partner shop and we sells only ORIGINAL items.

We also ship worldwide. In this Page I will tell you more about what we do internationally.

Note: our site is automatically translated. You may encounter some mistakes and we hope you can understand the majority of our site.
But staff is fluently in english and we are willing to help you.
In case you need assistance or there something isn’t clear, we encourage you to contact us ?

We are located in Italy. We can hoewever ship in all Europe and, potentially, worldwide.

Exactly, we are here!

Here I will give you the price and rules for shipping. Please take note that, unfortunately, shippers in Italy are asking alot of fees for international orders. At the moment we will not use pre-paid tax shippings, so customer clearance fees is all up to you, if you’re outside EU.


We automatically ship in those European Country, with: Crono Express \ DPD \ GLS \ DHL.
Crono Express is an Italian Post item and works, outside the Italian border, usually with major National Postal worldwide. If you are in France probably item will be delivered by National French Postal Service – but we cannot guarantee that.
DPD is an european network who works with national shippers in each country he is. You can check the list here.
GLS is a network of its own, exactly like DHL.

Austria – Belgium – Croatia – Denmark – Deutschland – Finland – France – Greece – Hungary – Ireland – Luxembourg – Norway – Netherlands – Poland – Portugal – United Kingdom – Czech Republic – Spain – Sweden

Price is, for shipping:
12,00 € until 1 kg of weight
– you can check item weight in additional information on page product.
Take note that weight is indicative.
Every KGs you will pay 1 €s.
So for 2 kgs item it will be 13 €, for 3 kgs shipping it will be 14 €, and so on.

Take note that at the moment you cannot choose to use Crono or GLS or DPD or DHL. You can hoewever contact us before the order (or write in the note order) if you have any preference. We will try to use the shipper you like the most, but it will not be possible for some shipping, depending from your location.


We are open to international shipping but, unfortunately, costs are very high! We will try our best to lower the cost but, at the moment, here is what we can offer.

We automatically ship in those International and European Country, with: DHL International \ Crono International
Crono Express is an Italian Post item and works, outside the Italian border, usually with major National Postal Service.
DHL is a network of its own.

Crono Express \ DHL to Europe & Worldwide – AUTOMATIC COUNTRY IN WHICH WE SHIP
Albania – Canada – China – India – Island – Morocco – Moldovia – Russia – United States – Switzerland – Venezuela

Price is, for shipping:
35,00 € until 1 kg of weight
you can check item weight in additional information on page product.
Take note that weight is indicative.
Every KGs you will pay 5 €s more.
So for 2 kgs item it will be 40 €, for 3 kgs shipping it will be 45 €, and so on.

Take note that customer clearance fee is up to you.


We potentially ships worlwide. All world is potentially Ok to send our items.
If your country is not here, message us. We will give you a quotation. For many country near Europe it would be a midway between 35 € and 12 €. For country far away to Europe, at example South American Countries, at least if would be 45 – 50 € for 1 weight kgs (and 5-10 € more each kgs).

We HIGHLY SUGGEST you to check Shipping Insurance!

We are costantly in touch with our shippers. They are trustwhorty partners but, sometimes, if there’s a trouble it it can be slow and difficult to reach them because of distance and different time zone. We highly suggest you to check 5,70 € insurance shipping fee in checkout. If there are some troubles in this case we can cover you for a total refund and no one will be damaged.


You can pay with credit card (Visa\Mastercard\Amexp), Paypal and Bank Transfer. You can pay in advance items in preorder status. Doing so it will give you 10% discount on the order. Take note that we refund the order only if item, for some reason, won’t be out (cancellation from markers, and so on). Those cases are very rare and in past years it happened rarely. But our major point is assistance before, during and after order, so we’ll be in touch.

You can also choose to pay when item is out, if it is a preorder. But you won’t get 10% discount for payment in advance and we may “hijack” the order to another customer who pays in advance. In this case we will contact you to check if you are still interested. We are sorry but in the past we had some customer who ordered some items and, subsequently, they did not pay.

Else, the order cannot be cancelled. We are very sorry but Good Smile Company & wholesaler cannot accept cancellation on reservation.

Our price is higher than yen price and we may be also a bit slower than Japanese release, because we mainly works with european distributor. But we treasure the customer, so if you have any trouble, we will do our best to not let you down. This shop is run by a very very few people and it is not a multinational like Amiami or Play Asia, so it is in our best interest to help you if you have any sort of trouble in shipping status or for warranty item. We are human and we like our works if there is an human touch in it! 🙂

We suggest you to keep in touch with updates and offer. If you can not find our items in your more economic trustworthy store, it would be a good idea to get in touch with us.


We give a 15 days warranty from when you receive your item. Our items are almost all sealed (except some small items like Monster Hunter minibox who must be opened to check what’s inside). If there is some huge trouble in production phase – an head is missing, a leg is broken, huge painting trouble – we will send you the right piece. If this is not possible, we will facilitate with discount on new orders. Usually we are able to replace defective parts and\or all item.
We can also request damaged boxes with Good Smile (and partners, like Max Factory) in replacement. Returns costs and replacement sends are totally of us, if it is not damaged by customer or shipper (please refer to Shipping Insurance for this).

Take note that for defective parts and\or replacement requests, we are subjects by manufacturer response. It may takes up to some months to get the item in replacement.

Feel free to contact us for any doubts. Thank you very much for your visit here!

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