Minions D-Stage PVC Diorama Paradise 15 cm ( Bestia Unido Juguetes )

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Minions D-Stage PVC Diorama Paradise 15 cm ( Bestia Unido Juguetes ) : cuando sale

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Sommario di Minions D-Stage PVC Diorama Paradise 15 cm ( Bestia Unido Juguetes )

The cutest, pint-sized superstars in the world are making a splash on a desk near you!
Bello! to all ‘Minionstuning in, let’s see what fun songs are being dished out by our little yellow friends this time: Ba Ba Ba Bananana and much more!.

Evolving from single-celled organisms billions of years ago, our bug-eyed lovable, yet mischievous friends are always on the hunt for a ‘despicablemaster to serve!
First featured in the 2010 film Despicable Me, and then promoted to their very own solo movie in the 2015 feature, Minions, these zany characters whether being blasted into space, or chilling on a beach with a straw skirt always get the laughs from the legions of fans who have come to adore their fun antics!

So with fun and craziness in mind, Beast Kingdom’s Entertainment Experience Brand takes fans on an unforgettable journey to some of the most iconic scenes from the animated series, and with four exciting ‘Staging-Your-Dreamsdioramas, fans have a number of great sets to choose from.
From the ancient prehistoric times, the out of his element ‘first-masterDinosaur makes an appearance with some of the excited Minions on his back! Or why not join our friends in the ‘Despicable Me 2scene with Gru himself where they accidently fire a rocket into space! Not forgetting the time when the crazy yet lovable group set off a fire and dressed for the occasion began to try and put it out. Finally kick back and enjoy some summer vibes with our Hawaii-dressed friends at the beach, sip on a cool coconut drink and wash your worries away!

Using detailed 3D-modelling, fans can enjoy 360-degrees of fun. Each side of the diorama reveals a new secret, can you find them all?

De pie en 15 cm and with a focus on fine details, each diorama is bursting with fun. So make sure you take all four in the series home and bring a little wackiness to your day!

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