Delays by courier withdrawals

+++ UPDATE OF 19 MAY 2020 +++

BRT couriers withdraw regularly, but we note that, In many cases, ci sono ritardi di consegna e di aggiornamento del tracking. E’ possibile che ci voglia una giornata extra per la consegna.

I tracking dati in precedenza è possibile non si visualizzino. Riceverete comunque una mail da BRT con il tracking corretto da visualizzare, una volta che saranno inoltrati.

Alla luce di questo, sospenderemo temporaneamente nuove spedizioni con BRT, fino a che la situazione non sarà assestata, per evitare di dare false tempistiche di arrivo.

Ricordatevi sempre di accettare i colli con riserva, se dovessero apparire danneggiati all’arrivo.

+++ UPDATE OF 18 MAY 2020 +++

BRT withdrew the parcels that were stationary. The service seems to have returned to normal. Nel corso della settimana saranno evasi tutte le altre spedizioni in attesa con BRT.

Ringraziamo per la pazienza.

+++ UPDATE OF 14 MAY 2020 +++

BRT, after three days of attempted withdrawal without any communication whatsoever, informs us that the warehouses are full and that we do not have to withdraw to dispose of the sudden amount of e-commerce shipments due to post-Covid, at least until next Monday.

It is not our duty to comment and judge the work of our Partner for shipments. We can only say that shipments with BRT will resume as soon as possible, according to their possibilities.

As the warehouses are full, we refuse shipments, even if we had to physically bring the parcels.

We are extremely sorry for the mistake that has arisen; we indicate that it is not our responsibility but BRT logistics.

The owner

Following the resumption of shipments following the easing of the quarantine period, we notify that we are experiencing slowdowns in taking charge of collection from our warehouse to the courier.

Yesterday 11/05 and today 12/05, withdrawals from our warehouse have been canceled, for lack of space and means by the BRT courier.

We will continue to request pickup as per courier instructions, but we notify our customers that other delays not attributable to us could take place.

In times “normal” we would physically go to BRT to deliver the parcels, but given the size that we have outgoing and the period, we intend that BRT himself will collect the goods.

Customers who have goods sent out with BRT will be notified by automatic email once they are sent, presumably tomorrow 13/05/2020.

We thank you for your patience and we remind you that all the packages that come out are insured. As always, if you find a package broken damaged on delivery, you have to reserve with the driver.


Owner of Shiritori, collector, writer, web designer.