Ultraman Replica 1/1 Beta Capsule Limited Edition 20 Cm ( Factory Entertainment )


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Ultraman Replica 1/1 Beta Capsule Limited Edition 20 Cm ( Factory Entertainment ) : when it comes out

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Barcode: 5060224085943

Sommario di Ultraman Replica 1/1 Beta Capsule Limited Edition 20 Cm ( Factory Entertainment )

The Replica

Details regarding the original prop, created in 1966, are sadly lost to time. So, to create this replica, the Factory Entertainment development team spent many hours carefully studying and examining images and footage of the prop to ensure the highest levels of accuracy.

The main body is crafted from aluminum, accented with metal and plastic fittings. A handsome display stand, designed to suggest the Science Patrol emblem and laser-cut from jet black acrylic, is also included and features the edition number of each replica on the underside.

The replica features a sound and light feature, which emulates Shin Hayata’s transformation sequence, featuring ‘Beta Sparkaudio specially remastered by Tusuburaya Productions.

The Story

Shin Hayata, a member of Science Special Search Party (also known as the Science Patrol),was on a routine patrol in his Sub VTOL when he encountered a large blue globe-shaped UFO traveling at Mach 2. Unbeknown to Hayata, the blue UFO was in fact a Travelsphere carrying the monster Bemular. As Hayata moved to investigate, a second red Travelsphere appeared, and collided with Hayata’s aircraft. The red Travelsphere contained the Ultra Hero from Nebula M78, Ultraman, who was in pursuit of Bemular.

Both craft where critically damaged in the collision and Hayata was mortally wounded. To save the dying human Ultraman telepathically merged with him and bestowed the Beta Capsule upon him. This powerful device allowed Shin Hayata to transform into Ultraman.

Requires 2 CR2 batteries (not included).

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Weight 1500 g