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Privacy policy
Related shiritorifigures.it domain

Individual Company
BAROZZI ALESSANDRO, with registered office at Via Vincenzo Monti 28,
42122 Reggio Emilia
C.F. BRZLSN87E25H223R P. Vat 02474140353

holder of the data processing on said platform shiritorifigures.it

relation to the EU Regulation 679/2016 called GDPR regarding personal data protection

clearly informs you that your data will be treated in the manner and for the objectives that follow, in proper legislation Policy:

1. The Holder will handle your personal data and identifiers (including name, surname, address, phone, email and anything usable) to carry out the E-Commerce service you provide for registration to our platforms or observation of the electronic employment relationship via e-mail

2. Purpose and legal basis of the treatment
The data will be used and managed for the following points:

A. Service Aims:

a) in order to allow the fulfillment of contractual commitments, execution or whatever else may be necessary to finish the buying and selling requests on our site:

fulfill contractual obligations ;
be able to adjust to the site ;
you view the history of your orders and ongoing ;
manage and maintain our platforms ;
have the opportunity to meet regulatory obligations and EU rules;
give the option to the holder to defend themselves in case of opinion or disputes;
monitor and prevent fraudulent or false;

b) to give the owner the opportunity to legitimately pursue their interest:

analyze the resulting cookie on your use of the Site;
defend criminal activities against the Site;
meet legislative requirements, Authority and a European legislation;
exercise the rights of the holder in case of litigation, such as the right to legal defense;
send newsletters and commercial information concerning products and services handled by the owner similar to those that have already benefited (eg newsletter), if you are logged – you can object at any time.

B. of your agreement, Indoor Marketing:

send e-mail newsletter, commercial communications, advertising of goods and services charged to the Holder.

Processing methods
The processing of data is performed using paper (archives at our sales office) and electronic telematic (supported website on WordPress Woocommerce platform, management Danea Easyfatt). Updating and protected in these archives.

Data retention
The holder used customer data to the time limit according to regulations, the time required to fulfill the above mentioned purposes.
The Holder undertakes to keep the data no later than 5 years for contact details and no later than 6 months of collection to the navigation data.
I for marketing purposes data will be processed for no more than 2 years after collection.

Also please note that inactive accounts will be kept in the database for 12 months.
Outstanding orders will be kept in the database for 4 days.
The incorrect orders will be kept in the database for 1 day:
Canceled orders will be kept in the database for 7 days.
The completed orders will be kept in the database for 5 years.

Data access
For Your Information can access for the purposes mentioned above:

Holder, accounting firm to data processing,
third-party companies and other limited subjects (for example, provider website, providers of electronic payment service) and any other free agent requiring inevitably the passage of your sensitive data.

Data Communications
Your data may be disclosed, with or without your consent, for the above mentioned purposes to control bodies, law enforcement or the judiciary at their request for institutional purposes or for the course of investigations and audits.

Data Transfer
The data will not be disclosed in non-EU countries.
The management and conservation of personal data will take place on servers located within the European Union.
However the Holder, if necessary, will move the location of the server in Italy and / or the European Union and / or non-EU countries, according to the established terms and secured by current regulations and by the European Community.

Provision of Data
The provision of data is compulsory in order to exercise the purposes specified above. If you do not want to give the data we will not comply with your request.

The data for marketing is optional. You can then decide not to provide data (not accepting newsletters and other business contacts) or subsequently denied the opportunity to use the data already in our possession.
On this case, you will not receive personalized commercial communications but you will have chance to avail of the services of the Site.

rights of
The holder informs you that you have the right to:

obtain confirmation of whether or not your Personal Information and you can request a summary of the data currently available to,
rectify \ update your inaccurate data or integrate with other,
get the limitation of treatment in case of dispute the accuracy of the personal data; or illegal treatment of the owner of the cancellation sull'impedimento; exercise the right in court,
receive, if the processing is carried out by automated means, unhindered and in a structured format, common and readable use the Personal Data relating to you to send it to another owner, or - if technically feasible - to get the direct transmission by the other owners Owner;
oppose, in whole or in part: a) for legitimate reasons, to the processing of personal data that concerns you, even for the purpose of collection; b) the processing of Personal Information about you for purposes of sending advertising materials or direct selling or for carrying out market research or commercial communication, through the use of automated calling systems without the intervention of an operator via email and / or through traditional marketing mode by telephone and / or paper mail;
submit a complaint to the Guarantor Authority for the Protection of Personal Data.
In the cases above, if necessary, the Holder will inform third parties to which your personal data are disclosed for the possible exercise of the rights on your part, with the exception of specific cases (it is. when this proves impossible or involves a disproportionate use of means with respect to the protected right).

How to exercise the rights
You can at any time exercise their rights:

sending a registered a.r. to the Holder;
by sending an email to [email protected]

Owner and manager of the treatment
The data controller is:

Sole Trader BAROZZI ALESSANDRO, Via Vincenzo Monti 28, 42122 Reggio Emilia

The sole proprietorship is a company based online and it is not a physical store.

The person responsible for the internal treatment is:

Alexander's Barozzi

There are other internal hard subjects (employees or fixed collaborators) for access to your data.

REGGIO EMILIA, 01/01/2018


Present on this page:

How your personal data are protected and why we do not keep sensitive financial information on our website

How we will not be granted to third parties sensitive information about our customers

How we use cookies on our website, in line with European requirements in this regard


The site is protected and recognized by the SSL certificate, present during the order, Cash, registration and login, and in every other area of ​​the site.

The site is reported “sure” in relation to the certificate. Each area of ​​the site with sensitive information is then protected with encryption up to 256 bit.

Sensitive areas of the site where there is the RapidSSL protection are so marked with the Chrome web browser:


SSL is an encryption system that does not allow any malicious computer access to sensitive information carried out during the exchange of information between client and server (during the registration process or login for example your information is protected and can not be decoded in the case that an attacker will be current with hacking systems or computer hacking).


We do not hold in our data archives related to credit cards, information on bank accounts of customers or sensitive financial information.

For the balance we support via credit card to the server SumUp (https://sumup.com/). There are processed through our website information on credit cards and neither are managed authorizations on our platform. The transaction is not carried out through our site, but leans on the external source of SumUp.
The saved data of your credit card are stored in an SSL-secured database and possible attackers.

For Paypal balances we rely directly to the Paypal platform. There are processed through our website information about Paypal account.

For other payment methods (recharge your Postepay, wire transfer, mark) we have the opportunity to go back to card information or sensitive data.

No transaction will be made through our website. We have not the slightest chance to know our customers' sensitive financial.


The site is also served with Cloudflare system, in addition to speeding up the site using the technique of unpacking on the server, It protects him from attacks.


On shiritorifigures.it site has an active community of customers and registered users of the site, as well as a discussion forum. By creating an account with the site automatically agree to the inclusion in the community list and authorize the presence of your account, with the nickname that you set during account, the public member list.

The views expressed on our community are the total responsibility of the author of the message. The holder can not be held in any way responsible in case of disputes between members and their opinions expressed.


We keep track of your addresses only for shipments and your email for any communications from customer shop.

The customer's phone number may be used by us only for communications regarding the status of an order and must necessarily be given to the transport company (BRT, SDA, DHL, GLS) for shipment, to allow delivery without additional costs and problems.

The tax code is required as input in the process of registration for Italian citizens registered to our site because of mandatory input tax code in the invoice.

The email address of the customer can be used for promotional offers and newsletters related to our shop. At any time the customer can decide to stop the arrival of these emails.

The customer has the right to request the total cancellation of their account on demand, pointed out that every pending order will still be finalized.

A little information about our customers we possess are strictly confidential, strictly necessary for our work and in no event shall be disclosed.

In no case we will transfer data to third parties (beyond the intended subject and nor will be disclosed to a third party e-mail, conversational exchanges and information between us and our customers. They will not be sold or passed names and customer lists to third parties of any kind, for no reason, as applicable on the Professional Secrets, nor will existing customers through these practices.


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What are cookies?
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Google Analytics mainly uses first-party cookies to the report on visitor interactions with websites. These cookies are used to store information that does not allow the user personal identification. Browsers do not share first-party cookies across domains.

On some pages we use cookies to remember:
the viewing preferences, for it. contrast settings or the font size
if you've already responded to a pop-up survey on the usefulness of content found, to avoid riproportelo
If you have authorized the use of cookies on this site.

Furthermore, Some videos inserted in our pages use a cookie to process statistics, Anonymously, how did you arrive on the page and what videos you've seen.
You do not need to activate the cookies because the site functions, but doing so improves the navigation. You can delete or block cookies, But in this case some site functions may not work properly.
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How to control cookies?
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