Reservations and Orders

It is an article that has not yet released, or who has not yet arrived by our distributors. Find the release date estimated in the article sheet.
An article of ordering can be achieved within approximately 20 days from receipt of the balance. It is in fact an article that is not in our stock, but we have to go get from our distributor.
In the article card see the release date is currently indicated for booking. Please note that the date is INDICATIVE COMPLETELY and is subject to change, delays or advances for reasons independent from us:
  • production delays
  • distribution delays
  • various shifts
Some production companies are notoriously "tardy" in the output stage. For example the dates of Funko are unreliable and we assume no responsibility for any delays. The customer is required, Solder immediately during the phase of booking.
If you find two articles on the same site, probably it is a duplicate due to the import method. If next to the title it says something like JP IMPORT, means that the item is loaded via the listing of our importer located in Japan. If there is nothing written, it is rather an article did get through the European distribution. There are other differences, if not for the arrival method: order whatever you prefer. In any case you do not pay customs fees or surcharges after placing. Please note that we may change at our discretion on arrival method regardless of any piece you purchase, but the price you paid will not change and you will have no surcharges

Payment and settlement orders


It 'a program that allows you to save on your purchases. Find more information by.
Follow these simple steps. As soon as we put an article in a book, Know who has a temporary discount. If you are a regular customer, you are eligible for another discount, up to a total of another 14% less. Please note that all of our items have shipping and free insurance on the value of goods. Finally, at regular intervals, do clearance sales or promotions. Keep your ears open and hidden object: we do usually a couple in spring, a couple in the summer and the highlight is in the fall, during the Black Friday.

Originality and Customer Care

Quiet: We do not run away with your money. In this unlikely event (and I assure you it has happened very few times), we will change with an article of equal value, at your choice, or we will use the balance as a credit towards another possible order. There still are committed to listen to you about it.
The price of some Japanese sites is very aggressive and have potential drawbacks, that the end user seldom sees at first sight. From the Japanese price must be added:
  • shipment
  • customs duties
  • customs
  • Possible problems during delivery
An article that the change is 100 €, you have to consider:
  • additional Shipping (for example 15 € to change, 115 €)
  • Conversion credit card rate (sometimes, if you pay with the card in a different currency, in statement you will be charged extra charges)
  • customs duties (around 6 €, 121 €)
  • customs (VAT to the 22% throughout what previously calculated, in this case 26,62 €).
Gives 100 The price rises to € 147,62 €. Also remember that it is shipping overseas, and it is easy to be damaged shipment. Furthermore, what we can give and the Japanese and stores located outside of Italy do, is:
  • customer care - defaultive replacement items and solving problems even during shipment
  • Patience in the balance request - We are consumers and we hold a major human level with our customers, If you can not pay off right away we find a compromise
  • Listening to the needs of our customers - you can choose the shipping company you want, we can keep the article without problems until you can not be home to receive it; We can still make deposits and make combined orders
In addition to our discount system (read the FAQ suits), us over 100 of € send merchandise value pay tribute to the expedition. Not everything that glitters is gold. We encourage our customers to better, always. The world is full of stores that promise well and at low prices; however, in case of negative experiences, is the customer who misses out always. It is located in Italy, We registered and physical here. For every problem, we are fully responsible and ready to take care of requests and solving problems. which, Unfortunately, many stores - especially foreign - fail to do, for many reasons.
We replace or refund at our expense items arrived with big problems:
  • broken piece inside the box
  • errors in phase of very serious production
Any slight color smears do not fall in the replacement series; broken limbs, missing pieces, ecct, Yup. In case of damaged boxes, if the item is in Good Smile Company circuit, we will require and we will replace at our expense (on customer request) box. The delivery times are from a few days to a few months.
Absolutely yes. As Official Partner Good Smile Company, WE HAVE TO having only original articles.


All items Free Shipping (from 31 December 2019). in Italy we will ship by courier at our discretion. Otherwise you can decide which carrier you send the goods. Prices start at 8,50 €. Find a list of shipping options when ordering. Please note that in case of orders with more items, usually we await the arrival of all the articles in order to make the shipment. For customers residing in Italy have a tariff apart, displayed in the cart as a shipping quote.
Absolutely yes! Segnalo in order notes.
Usually we ship when the total order is complete. We recommend placing multiple orders on multiple items if you wish to ship them individually. In case of payment in installments, as currently only one loan is active at a time, you can write in the notes to send the articles individually.

Payment at Rate

To pay in installments you must follow the automatic payment procedure via the website. You will be able to select the Pagantis payment method - pay in installments directly at the end of the procedure.
You will have to give some information that Pagantis asks you to carry out the evaluation (profession, average income, ecct), and then an identity document, scanned or photographed, clear and legible. You will then need a credit card. You will not need to give CUD or documentation attesting to your income.
You will know immediately if Pagantis has accepted your funding request. Note that Pagantis implements an internal evaluation system, that we are not aware of. We can not intervene on errors or rejection of the financial.
You will immediately pay the first installment and, then, the next at the end of the month, directly to your credit card.
Pagantis itself will proceed to recover the credit. It is not a matter of competence of our shop: the financial company itself will solicit and collect, with his means.
Until 3.000 € of order.
Pagantis is currently working to make it possible. Currently, we recommend making a big order, to avoid denying future installment requests.
At the moment Pagantis is active only for Italian customers.
Keep in mind that the APR shown at 17% is due to the calculation methods determined by the Bank of Italy. The real rate is around 7,92% annual, but given that Pagantis customers pay the first installment at the same time as the purchase, the APR is heavily penalized. When you simulate the purchase, you will see that you will not pay the 17%, but much less.