July editorial

The heat broke out impetuously. 🔥

Due to the adverse health conditions that occur regularly during this period, we advise that replies to private messages, mail and the like, they may be slowed down: we entered into a kind of “summer time”, and we work from the office part-time to avoid excessive fainting or complications from the air conditioning.

Here we are, we ship regularly, but we are less on the computer, and more to interface with nature and we try to work remotely from fresh environments. We need it even after these intense months. We therefore ask you to be patient if the answers are later than usual. We take this opportunity to specify that on Saturday and Sunday we will not reply. 🤭

End the continuous offers, here is the new setup: VIP discount is back

  1. All items just placed in the reservation will have a discount between 10% e 15% for the first 30 days of booking. You can find the information in the articles tab
This is an article col 15% active discount

2. E’ VIP discount is back! If you are a registered customer and have purchased from us in the past 365 days, you will automatically have access to an extra discount. All you have to do is log in and see the already discounted price, if you have orders already executed with an account. Orders from the quarantine period also apply. You can therefore save with 10% of the booking + another extra discount linked to the VIP. Click here for more information.

Here is an example of the discount 15% of the booking applied, more other 10% VIP level discount 4. Gives 288,84 € of the list price a 220,97 €!

At first glance it may appear complicated, in fact just buy with a regularly registered account, enter and understand that the prices you see are already discounted to the maximum. E’ much simpler than it seems.

Find your VIP status on the account page, under “Notice Board”. (https://shiritorifigures.it/mio-account/)


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