June editorial

Dear friends,

have been strange months, difficult. The world has changed in no time. We are sliding towards a windy summer e, at times, surreal. The scent of summer is here, and brings back ancient memories.

Our sector has revolutionized. The fair system is temporarily canceled, while we have seen an exponential increase in online sales. We made ourselves ready and prepared, and we have worked on numerous projects, in all this time.

In Italy, we have already suffered from all this socio-health situation. Probably, it's not over yet. We will feel the aftermath for a long time.

The world, meantime, it's changing. We are lined up with those who suffer, for those who are oppressed, and we want to join the protest chorus for everyone in America, ad Hong Kong, in Russia or any other country in the world, they are dominated by inhuman policies, always.

Ours is a VAT registered company: we are part of the Italian economic fabric, European and worldwide, in our small way, and we lend our small dignity without hesitation to those who cannot express it. We are citizens of the world and, as such, we want to affirm our work ethic.

who, in Italy, some of us will be able to go on vacation. We will review the sea, or the mountain, even if we are unconsciously changed. We need it, to rebuild our personal space.

Sincerely, we are not sure we want to return exactly as we were before. We are getting out of it, like all, dazed and confused. But happy, because this period was yet another proof that our e-commerce project works, that there is room to raise awareness on certain issues.

We know it will be a tough semester for everyone, and as an online store, all we can do is be loyal to our politics and sensitivity. We will further support the project for the recovery of children with Hikikomori syndrome, we will physically strive for fairer trade, we will push for the realization of events that we have planned and we will deeply fight the counterfeit market, working personally for ethical and social projects. We have tried to open new possibilities to those who find it more difficult to afford these goods, realizing the first possibility of installment payment.

We believe in ethics, in opportunities, and the fact that we sell “solo” PVC figurines will not stop us. We have built a community and we believe that working in one's passions is serious, to be respected. Having a passion is not a joke, it is something that consumes you inside, it gives you value, vita, energy. We redefine ourselves thanks to our passions. We don't feel dwarfed by selling items “anime & manga”; rather, we are proud of it, because we know the value and sacrifices that many customers make to buy from us. Just to get that spark of joy.

Thanks to the immense feedback that you have given us in times of crisis, we decided to continue the discount campaign, for the month of June. In July the VIP system will come back into force, and will reward those who have chosen us assiduously, Like never before.

We remind you that, even if the Riminicomix fair should eventually take place, we will not participate. This does not seem to be the case, in a moment of emotional uncertainty, psychological and health, to jeopardize a delicate socio-health balance that has been obtained with difficulty.

We will not participate in fairs or physical events, for all the 2020. What we hope for, in the next semester, is to grow our family. Having more friends, infect as many people as possible, with the positivity and joy of a passion like this. Some can't understand it, but what defines us is how we deal with what we love.

We love our job, we love having you as customers and, in our small way, we just want the world to be a little place’ better than it is now. Daily basis, we work for this.

The owner


Owner of Shiritori Figures.it, collector, writer, web designer.