Editorial of August: holidays and other aspects

What is contained in this editorial:
1) Notice of closure for holidays
2) What happened recently and various communications
2.a) On the disappearance of articles booked via the site
2.b) On the release date
2.c) On recent delays
2.d) On cancellations by the distribution
2.e) Future offerte
2.f) On shipments and shipping confirmation
2.g) Final note

Dear friends,

we have been in late August for a few days, and the heat hood has only now partially subsided.

Due to heat related health problems, lately we have been less present “facade”, but we continued to work as best we could.

We now announce the dates we will be closed, or the dates from which nothing will be shipped from our warehouse:

from 10 al 24 August we will not be physically present for shipments. However, we will update the e site whenever possible, if we can, we will gladly answer the e-mails you send us. * Please note that we may only be able to respond to our return.

Reservations and orders are obviously active. You can order when you want.

Live chat is temporarily suspended until returning.

Now, we intend to clarify a couple of things with respect to the last period. We have a summary of things to point out, after numerous e-mails received on these topics.

On the disappearance of articles booked via the site

As repeated many times, you do not have to worry if an item you have ordered can no longer be found on our site. If you have ordered and paid, and the article remains confirmed, it means it is confirmed: you can no longer find it on the website because, not being able to propose it to new customers, the article is deleted.

Have your article stay online with the wording “sold out” it means being overwhelmed with requests for the same item, as well as making a database and a web space grow larger, tripling the costs. We have approx 10.000 items in stock e, Unfortunately, we can't keep items “dead” for a technical factor: we soon find a catalog of 50.000 items that we can no longer give.

On the release date

We know it's a hassle not knowing when an article is out, or remember its original date. In the future, we will work to have the release date printed on the order receipt via e-mail. We remind you that we cannot automatically update you on the release date, the system does not allow it. To find out the status of a reserved item, you need to send us a message.

On recent delays

In the last few months we have had many delays in arriving, due to tail blows from the COVID situation and other distribution-dependent factors. There are, In the case, a small minority of articles that have been out for months. Few are still in the queue, for distribution related problems, that we are trying to solve.

Most of the items ordered in the 2020 they will have, since September, more human times, except for last minute delays.

On cancellations by the distribution

We recently had cancellations of some items ordered by the distribution. The COVID situation appears to have challenged the distribution's ability to produce enough pieces for as many as have been reserved. This is not the rule, but we noticed a lot about it “usual suspects”: Funko and other cheap items (Prize, ecct).

We remind you that Funko often has problems of arrival and timing, we are considering not treating it any more when booking.

In any case, in case of cancellation, we will do everything possible to recover another piece, also on the waiting list, but sometimes it won't be possible. E, in this case…

We decided, in the case of cancellation of distribution without the possibility of recovering the canceled article, to offset the value of the item with the credit + 20% of its value.

If an item you have paid for is deleted 150 € and we are unable to retrieve another copy, we will give you a credit of 180 € to be used for future orders.

In case of low cost items (10 €, 20€), there is the possibility that we will refund you directly and automatically (without credit of 20%).

The decision on this policy was made to protect our customers and to give a message about the ethical responsibility of the shopkeeper. We feel bad if we fail to deliver what we promised… and we intend to take all responsibility.

Future offerte

During the COVID phase we made big offers. We will certainly not be able to replicate what was done in COVID-19: our proposals were really made with an enormous effort, now unthinkable.

We usually made summer offers in August. This year we won't have time to design them before returning from vacation, and any offers in the catalog will go after 24.

However, we advise you not to wait for discounts to buy, the offer will not be as deep as that in COVID-19.

We remind you that first you buy, first secure the desired piece… wavering too much means losing the opportunity to book the price you want.

On shipments and shipping confirmation

We used to ask for confirmation before shipping. Now you are too many, and such a thing is unthinkable 🤗

Items are shipped with a notification at least of the day before. As marked in the notifications, the customer has until 10:00 the next day to tell us that he is not present to change the address.

Keep the e-mail monitored, because it is very important.

Final note

On our return we already have 55 incoming pieces to be shipped. It will take us a few days to make offers and recover!

Happy holidays to all!


Owner of Shiritori Figures.it, collector, writer, web designer.