• 5% of net commission for each item sold through your link
  • Freedom to withdraw when you wish
  • Payment with Paypal

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Become an Affiliate and earn by sharing our links!

  • You don't need a VAT number
  • With two clicks you return to the Affiliate program.

Joining as an affiliate is very simple. Just click on This Page. If you already have an account, you only have one button to click!

You have a 5% of commission (on the net), on every item you sell thanks to your sponsorship.

How to sponsor our articles

Entering the above page, you will have access to the affiliate page. You can generate a sponsorship link by logging into “Genera Link”.

Here you will find your unique ID for affiliation. You can give the link of the article you want to sponsor (or the whole site) adding this string to the end of the url:


You can give away your URL as you like, following the rules that we show you later. The visitor will have a generated cookie that will track the visit and automatically assign you statistics, visits and commissions.

The cookie lasts 7 days from the first visit the client's. Since the customer enters via your link, he has 7 days to buy and receive the commission you are entitled to.

Who can apply as an Affiliate

  • Anyone who has not had sales pending with us in the past three years can apply as affiliates, who paid all orders early, and that have not had canceled orders.
  • They cannot apply as affiliates, in addition to those described above, people who work for realities that compete with ours.

Keep in mind that we can refuse, in our unquestionable judgment, entry among the affiliates of our network.

Affiliate Rules

We ask for judgment and common sense for our affiliates.

  • It is not allowed to advertise our articles and links on competitors' pages and sites
  • Aggressive spam is absolutely not allowed
  • Continually exchanging links between a group of friends to share the commissions will result in the immediate revocation of the affiliation (we have the tools to notice it).
  • It is not possible to self-commission a sale.

We are absolutely not responsible for the Affiliate's conduct.

Refusal of the Affiliate

In addition to the above rules, keep in mind that we will refuse registration or balance to the affiliate even if the link and our site are advertised on dubious platforms, that go against our work ethic, who have a very bad reputation or a bad rank on Google and search engines.

All situations not in accordance with the law will be reported regularly to the Competent Authorities, without possibility of appeal.

Payment methods

  • For speed and convenience we pay commissions with Paypal (it is necessary to indicate the payment email in the affiliate section).
  • Normally, the balance will be paid over i 10 € commission, but always on customer request
  • On request, we can scale the balance for a purchase of the item chosen by the affiliate.


Membership is free, you have no costs to bear. Why not try it, therefore? You can stop when you want, without informing us about it.

Who is it for?

To Facebook pages, Youtubers, Website Managers, portal, Fansubs, individuals who want to sponsor (with criterion and method) somehow, ecct… We would be happy, if you have a project and want to become an affiliate, to present you at the time of subscription, in order to know you better and facilitate you.


We issue specific banners and specific information upon request. Give us the size and we will give you all the necessary promotional material!

These are examples of pre-filled banners. You can already use them, if you wish. On request we make you personalized, changing color, subject and size.

Keep track of progress

You have all the tools to understand how it is going. In the Affiliate Dashboard you have the possibility to constantly monitor what happens. Keep in mind that we don't guarantee minimum commissions: everything depends on you, from your network and your situation.

Increase the percentage

5% it is the beginning of everything. Keep in mind that, based on the results and the project you are undertaking, we can negotiate to rise commissions.

The commissions are net of the sold item. Remember to fill in all your forms and be ready to give us information at the time of payment: we may need to send you down payment receipts, so get ready to get some documentation about it.