Comprare Action Figures a rate


  1. Pagantis has temporarily suspended the possibility of using prepaid cards on its system.
  2. Keep in mind that the APR shown at 17% is due to the calculation methods determined by the Bank of Italy. Il tasso reale è attorno al 7,92% annual, but given that Pagantis customers pay the first installment at the same time as the purchase, the APR is heavily penalized. When you simulate the purchase, you will see that you will not pay the 17%, but much less.

Recently, we have given the possibility to pay in installments with the system offered to us by Pagantis.

E’ everything went well! The first running-in times have ended and the system has been highly appreciated.

We will keep the Pagantis installment system active, which will therefore complement the other already active methods. You will then be able to buy Action Figures in installments for years to come!

You can then continue to order and pay the Action Figures in installments using this payment system.

The minimum of installments is 2, the maximum rate is 12.

We noticed several unsuccessful attempts to order through Pagantis. We remind you that in case of technical problems on our site and general errors you are invited to report everything. For requests rejected by Pagantis, we have no power to intervene.

How to pay in installments? What do I need to buy Action Figures in installments?

You can request payment in installments by purchasing the item normally: put the item in the cart, complete the order, and select Pagantis as your payment method.

The system will redirect you to their platform. They will ask you for some basic information, then you will need to scan or read a photo of your ID.

After that, you will know immediately if the system accepts the financing. Pay the first installment immediately; the others, instead, the last of every month. You will be charged everything to the specified credit or debit card.

obviously, there must be immediate availability on the card.

You don't need to send CUD or UNIQUE model. The evaluation is done by Pagantis, in immediate. We don't know their evaluation criteria.

What are the limits?

Currently, the maximum that can be financed is 3000 €. You can only have one active loan at a time.

You can pay off your debt early, whenever you want.


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